VividVisions: The Business of Jazz Artistry – Live Performances

Moderator: Steve Kraske (KCUR 89.3FM) hosting a panel discussion on the business of jazz artistry.

EVENT DETAILS: 12:00 pm on Friday, November 10, 2023 at the Westport Coffee House for this exciting panel discussion. Bring your thoughts and questions with you! Your ticket includes attendance and lunch. We are planning for an interactive and engaging discussion.

▪Panelist Stanton Kessler

▪Panelist Lonnie McFadden

▪Panelist Chloe McFadden

SESSION 1.3 Live Performances – experienced panelists will discuss viable strategies that they use for booking venues and private events. Sideman work, other genres, weddings, party bands, South Arts jazz road tours and related areas will also be discussed.

Thank you to our sponsors:

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Kansas City’s Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund, Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Performing Arts, Commerce Bank, Trustee

JAZZ MEET UP @  Second Tuesday KC Bier Co Jazz Jam + Oktoberfest!

Kansas City is having a moment right now. Aside from a certain Championship winning football franchise, you can find an interesting way to spend your time most evenings.

ARTICLE BY: Emily Behrmann, Board of Directors / Treasurer

Great food, well-crafted adult beverages, and incredible art and music are plentiful, with something for just about every taste.

So it’s not surprising to find a jam session featuring some of Kansas City’s best jazz musicians at a German beer hall. 

German-style bier and Kansas City jazz have proven to be a solid combination in this monthly open jam session hosted the second Tuesday of every month.

The jam session traditionally features pianist Bram Wijnands, bassist Rick Willoughby, and a rotating cast of area musicians on horns, guitars, drums — or even spoons — for an exciting night of delicious bier and spontaneous music. 

On a recent evening, Bram (also known as Beetlejuice-with-a-haircut) and Rick hosted not one or two, but six fellow musicians during the three-hour jam, some of whom play professionally all over KC, and others joining in to keep up their playing “chops,” while working other day jobs: John Blegen, clarinet; Clayton Delong, guitar; Gary Leming, trumpet; Matt Purcell, sax; Brian Ruskin, guitar; Joe Straub, bass and piano. What a lineup, performing jazz standards we all know and love.

This jam took place Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2023. Join the fun any second Tuesday of the month at KC Bier Co! And as they say in Germany, “Prost!” (Cheers!) – Jam Session Photos by Emily Behrmann

NOTE: KC BIER CO also is a participating venue for the annual Spotlight Charlie Parker festivities! Oktoberfest Munich, Germany is the world’s largest celebration of Bavarian culture – the area of Bavaria being the southeast corner of Germany famous for beers, brats, and its use of bustiers. Millions of visitors travel thousands of miles to Munich each year to experience their share of the 2-week long festival. ARTICLE FEATURE PHOTO COURTESY OF OKTOBERFESTTOURS.TRAVEL





Arrival :

No issues on the trip from Paris to Kansas City other than the plane being delayed from Dallas which just caused a bit of a wait, nothing major. Once in Kansas City, the families as well as Ann and Janet were waiting for us to offer us a warm welcome. The host family was very friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout my stay.

Bird boot Camp:

So we took part on the second day (August 19) in the “Birdboot Camp”, a sort of jazz music course. We were delighted to meet illustrious jazzmen from Kansas City in particular, such as Greg Caroll, Tia Fuller, or even Chris Burnett (and so on…). The masterclass we attended was interesting and enriching. However, we did not expect it to last so long, and that we played so little. There was a “Musical Salute” at the end of the day and we thought it would be in the form of a concert, but far from it; we had to play at most an hour of the whole day without a real concert or rehearsal.

Spotlight Charlie Parker:

Between concerts, jam sessions, at the Blue Room as at the Phoenix, the main event of the stay being the Charlie Parker spotlight has always been impressive. We heard talented musicians, progressed during the jam sessions, and it was a pleasure for Raphaël and me. Jazz as a passion, we were delighted to participate in such an event.

Activities :

In terms of the activities planned by Ann, Janet, Jake and the host families, we were never bored. We discovered lots of different things, places, activities in Kansas City and we were really happy to have so many things to do and discover. For example, we were taken several times to restaurants that offered traditional Kansas City dishes, such as Mexican, barbecue, or burgers. I personally went to American SME High School three times with Macauley, the boy my age in the host family. The museums were also of course amazing, enriching and we learned a lot about Kansas City, jazz, culture…


I was amazed when I found out I had been chosen to travel to Kansas City. I couldn’t believe it! The stay was well beyond my expectations, I was able to progress in jazz, progress in English, discover a city, a culture, new people, and even great jazzmen! These ten days which were my first experience in the United States will remain unforgettable!



The Bird Boot camp:

The Bootcamp was a highlight of my stay. I was able to meet Tia Fuller and play with the other young people. In Kansas City the approach to music is really different. Everyone is playing! Good or not so good, it’s not the most important, the main thing is to play together. Greg Carroll’s lessons and advice are really engaging because Greg is a huge fan of Charlie Parker. The musicians and especially the percussionists have an incredible swing! Everyone encourages each other! Americans are just crazy about jazz!

Jam Session at the Blue Room:

Being able to play with exceptional jazz musicians at the famous Blue Room is a dream come true! The atmosphere and the atmosphere of this room are really like in the great “American-style” jazz clubs that we are told and in which we dream of playing. This incredible room has seen great jazz musicians such as Lester Young and Count Basie! Laura, David and their son Rowan welcomed me as if I were a member of their family! Their welcome, their good humor and their kindness allowed me to quickly feel at ease. They made me share their daily life, their passions and came to see me at the concerts and events in which I participated. David even shared videos of my solos and many videos of my stay on his YOU TUBE channel! (must see: David’s youtube channel is called BIGBIKEDADDY, including my solo at the Blue Room). I hope to see them again! It’s an amazing family!

Tia Fuller:

Tia Fuller’s approach to music and the master class she gave us at Bird Bootcamp taught me a lot about American swing. She is a very nice and very accessible artist (I did not have the impression that she has a grammy and that she performed with Beyoncé). It was for me a musical revelation in my playing and in my perception of jazz improvisation… I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with one of Kansas City’s great jazz musicians: Mr. Bobby Watson. It is an honor for me to have been able to meet such an artist. A day at the Worlds of Fun amusement park with Rowan! The huge American gambling halls!

The KCUR Radio:

Maxime and I were welcomed at KCUR Radio for an interview! A very good memory and some questions in English of course that, fortunately, I had been able to prepare for (in) advance…. It was for me the first time that I was interviewed in a radio. A bit stressful experience but a very good memory.

American Jazz Museum:

This museum is very well done. It brings together the entire history of jazz. There’s even Charlie Parker’s saxophone. I really liked this museum: there are different points in the museum where you can listen to music and have written explanations about different styles of jazz and different musicians. The Blue Room is attached to the museum.

Nelson Atkins Museum:

It is one of the largest art museums in the United States. This museum is very beautiful and there are works of art from all over the world, including French paintings by Monet, for example.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Ann, Janet, Lise, Jake, my host family, my teachers, the Metz Conservatory and all the people who allowed me to live this incredible experience in the country of Jazz! I will never forget this trip! I only have one thing in mind: GET AWAY!!!!!!!!! Goodbye Kansas City… see you soon!



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